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Chapter 5 - Flight Instruments:Clocks, Tops & Toys                                  5-7

          76. Label the attitude indicator’s components.
                                                                               The Heading Indicator
                                                                 To receive accurate indications during flight from a
                                                                 heading indicator, the instrument must be
                                                                 A. set prior to flight on a known heading.
                                                                 B. calibrated on a compass rose at regular intervals.
                                                                 C. periodically realigned with the magnetic compass as
                                                                     the gyro precesses.

                                                                 The heading indicator must be periodically reset to a
                                                                 known heading because of something known as
                                                                 A. gyroscopic drift.
                                                                 B. acceleration errors.
                                                                 C. turning errors.

                                                                 82. Label the parts of the heading indicator:

          77. Label the attitude indicators below by indicating the
          amount and direction of bank and pitch:

                                                                 If you’re instructed to turn to a particular heading, simply
                                                                 look for the number on the instrument and turn in the
                                                                 _____ direction toward it.
                                                                 A. longest
                                                                 B. most scenic
          Most light airplane attitude gyros are powered by a _____
                                                                 C. shortest
          A. vacuum
                                                                                The Turn Coordinator
          B. water
          C. fuel                                                84.
                                                                 The turn coordinator is actually a _____   instrument that
          79.                                                    provides information on your airplane’s direction of _____,
          The proper adjustment to make on the attitude indicator   rate of heading change and whether the airplane is _____
          during level flight is to align the                    or _____ in the turns.
          A. horizon bar to the level-flight indication.         A. magnetic, turn, slipping, skidding
          B. horizon bar to the miniature airplane.              B. gyro, roll, slipping, skidding
          C. miniature airplane to the horizon bar.              C. gyro, pitch, climbing, descending
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