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                         The Airplane Engine                     8. [C3/Figure 3] Label the four strokes:

          1. Fill in the blank:
          Most general aviation airplane engines are of the
          _______________ opposed variety.

          2. Fill in the blanks:
          Horizontally opposed cylinder arrangements pack a lot of
          engine into a _____________ amount of space and they are
          relatively ______________ to operate.

                           Four Cycle Engine

          3. Fill in the blanks:
          Name the four cycles of an airplane engine:
          ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________ .

          4. Fill in the blank:
          While the piston is in its downward journey, the __________
          valve opens, and a mixture of fuel and air rushes in.

          5. Fill in the blank:
          The _______________ cycle occurs when the intake valve              The Ignition System
          closes and the piston rises.
                                                                                Dual Ignition Systems
          6. Fill in the blank:
          Just before the cylinder hits the top of its return journey,   9.
          the _______________ _______________ fire.              One purpose of the dual ignition system on an aircraft
                                                                 engine is to provide for
          7. Fill in the blank:                                  A. improved engine performance.
          The burning mixture pushes the piston downward. This is   B. uniform heat distribution.
          the _______________ stroke.                            C. balanced cylinder head pressure.
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