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Chapter 3 - Engines: Knowledge of Engines Is Power

          23. [C8/Figure 10] Label the carburetor’s components:

                           The Idling System
                                                                 Assuming the airplane has an updraft carburetor with an
          24. Fill in the blank:                                 accelerator pump, what happens when the engine isn’t
          The _____________ jet is that portion of the carburetor that   running and the throttle is pumped?
          allows the engine to run when the throttle is pulled full aft.   A. Fuel will rush up into the engine.
                                                                 B. Nothing, unless you make the “Vroom, Vroom” sound.
                         The Accelerator Pump                    C. Fuel may fall to the bottom of the carburetor and soak
                                                                     the air filter, creating an opportunity for an engine fire.
          Why doesn’t the engine quit or falter when the throttle is
          opened abruptly?                                                       Atomization of Fuel
          A. The idling jet keeps a constant flow of fuel into the engine.
          B. The accelerator pump supplies a shot of fuel into the   27. Fill in the blanks:
               throat of the carburetor along with the inrushing air.   Fuel-air ratios of approximately _______________ part(s)
          C. Gravity supplies the pressure to keep fuel entering the   fuel to _______________ parts of air are the most efficient
               throat of the carburetor when the throttle is opened.   for combustion.
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