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                 May the Four Forces Be With You                                        Climbs

                                                                 Airplanes climb because of _____
          The four forces acting on an airplane in flight are
                                                                 A. excess lift.
          A. lift, weight, thrust, and drag.
                                                                 B. excess thrust.
          B. lift, weight, gravity, and thrust.
          C. lift, gravity, power, and friction.                 C. reduced weight.

          2. Fill in the four forces:                            6.
                                                                 Lift acts at a _______degree angle to the relative wind.
                                                                 A. 180
                                                                 B. 360
                                                                 C. 90

                                                                 7. Fill in the blanks for the forces in a climb:

          When are the four forces that act on an airplane in
          A. During unaccelerated flight.
          B. When the aircraft is accelerating.
          C. When the aircraft is in a stall.

          What is the relationship of lift, drag, thrust, and weight
          when the airplane is in straight-and-level flight?
          A. Lift equals weight and thrust equals drag.
          B. Lift, drag, and weight equal thrust.
          C. Lift and weight equal thrust and drag.
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