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          1. Label the six main flight instruments:              3.
                                                                 Atmospheric pressure _____ with a gain in altitude.
                                                                 A. decreases
                                                                 B. increases
                                                                 C. equalizes

                                                                 If the pitot tube and outside static vents become clogged,
                                                                 which instruments would be affected?
                                                                 A. The altimeter, airspeed indicator, and turn-and-slip indicator.
                                                                 B. The altimeter, airspeed indicator, and vertical speed indicator.
                                                                 C. The altimeter, attitude indicator, and turn-and-slip indicator.

                                                                                   Static Pressure

                                                                 In addition to the airspeed indicator, two additional
                                                                 instruments also require static air pressure to function:
                                                                 the _____ and the _____.
                     Non-Gyro Instruments                        A. vertical speed indicator, altimeter

                                                                 B. directional gyro, altimeter
                          Airspeed Indicator                     C. attitude indicator, vertical speed indicator

          2. [E2/Figure 3] Label the parts of the airspeed indicator:   6.
                                                                 Which instrument(s) will read incorrectly or become
                                                                 inoperative if the static vents become clogged?
                                                                 A. Airspeed only.
                                                                 B. Altimeter only.
                                                                 C. Airspeed, altimeter, and vertical speed.

                                                                                     Pitot Tubes

                                                                 Which instrument will become inoperative if the pitot tube
                                                                 becomes clogged?
                                                                 A. Altimeter.
                                                                 B. Vertical speed indicator.
                                                                 C. Airspeed indicator.
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